15 Templebow Road N.E.
Calgary, Alberta T1Y 6J3 CANADA
Tel: (403) 285 3773	 Fax: (403) 293 8754

St. Thomas More Catholic Church Calgary, Alberta Canada 2013 v2.1

Weekends Mass:

Saturday: 5:30pm

Sunday: 9am, 10:45am, 12:30pm & 5pm

Mass Schedules

Weekdays Mass:

Monday: 9:00am           Tuesday: 7:00pm

Wednesday to Saturday            : 9:00am

Thursday: 6:45pm


Tuesday: 6:15pm - 6:45pm

Saturday: 4:30pm - 5:15pm


Morning Prayer (Mon - Sat): 8:40am

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Formation Ministries

Liturgical Ministries

Service Ministries


First Eucharist

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

First Reconciliation


Initiation with Children (RCIC)

Initiation with Adults (RCIA)

Re-Membering Church

Pre-Marriage Preparation Team

Ministers of Hospitality

Altar Servers

Eucharistic Ministers

Lectors and Commentators

Choir members and musicians

Environment/Art & Plant Care

Liturgical Committee


Hospitality after Mass

Over 60’s Group

Bulletin Folding

Pastoral Health Care

St. Vincent de Paul

Bible Reflection

Inn From The Cold

Special Interests Group

Knights of Columbus

Catholic Women’s League

Building and Maintenance

Church Cleaning

Office Volunteers

Development & Peace/Missions

Youth Ministry Group

Couples For Christ

Parish Services


Funeral Receptions

Facility Rentals

Pastoral Council

Is presently an appointed group of parishioners responsible for the spiritual direction of the faith community. They work closely with the priest to nurture the spiritual needs of the parish faith community. Contact Frank Drewniak thru our office (403) 285-3773

Financial Council

Is presently an appointed group of parishioners responsible for monitoring and approving the parish budget, parish operations and utilization of parish resources and materials. They work under the direction of the pastor to ensure the proper financial needs of the Parish. Contact Fanny De Leon thru our office (403) 285-3773